English Information about the AVD e.V.

What is the AVD and what does it stand for?


The AVD is the German club, studbook and breeding association for all Mastiff-type dogs of the Iberian Peninsula and Canary Islands.


Just as with the German Shepherd Weltunion der Schäferhundvereine (‘SV’) the AVD is both registered and acknowledged by a Magistrate of Germany and as such issued the official badge “e.V.” (eingetragener Verein), as a Registered Association! This association consisting of passionate dog owners and breeders, has both a historical name and nature, as it feels compelled not to be modern and produce modern show type dogs, but to be bound to the historical Presa type and the traits that successfully led to the development and maintenance of such type.


One goal declared and upheld by our President, is that we are still looking today for Perro de Presa’s that if sent back to the Middle Ages by means of a ‘time machine’, would be dogs that at once would still fulfil all of the tasks that they had to perform at that time. The AVD still selects for the real working functions of the Presa’s; for wild boar hunting, Protection work, confrontations and the catching of wild Bulls.


The AVD stands for quality and consistency above all else and as such does not make any concessions toward modern trend. The AVD may not be ‘trendy’, but it is both consistent and reliable. One more thing of note about dogs produced by the AVD? Success; success in health, success in work, and success in producing stable, reliable family dogs.


What are the clear breeding and selection priorities of the AVD e.V. ?


The AVD’s breeding objectives for quality are committed to:

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Endurance
  • Temperament
  • Character
  • Drives
  • Authentic Type.


  • The AVD does not engage in breeding for ‘colours’.
  • The AVD does not breed for the beauty of the show ring.
  • The AVD does not promote breeding for what in Germany is referred to as “left based aggression” (defensive, low threshold, low bite inhibition, actively aggressive types who are more commonly motivated by fear or insecurity).


In short, the AVD does not breed for dangerous traits or exaggerations in character or form.


What breed standard then does the AVD follow?

The AVD does not directly follow any modern or Show derived standards; no matter if referred to as “Dogo” or “Presa” Canario. These standards are only instructions for use by (beauty) show judges and have proven to degrade the quality of the breed and deviate from the traits that made the breed of ‘Presa’ not only in name, but in function.


For example, there are a few small points that the AVD prefers in the Canary Show Standard of 1989 than the actual version of it; but a Show standard is a Show Standard, Full-stop!  With a history in the breed dating back prior to the 1989 standard, and personal experience of many of the founders of said breed, the AVD follows its own, older, proven order of breeding rules. If asked which standard we would accept and would not criticize, then it would be the “Standard” of Alfonso XI which he published in his historical hunting book in 1342.


From the very beginning, the AVD e.V. has only ever been interested in healthy, workable dogs with strong character. Dogs that very well demonstrate absolutely authentic Presa’s. Never has there been interest in breeding for aesthetics or show dogs. It should also not be forgotten that the first imported Presa’s from both the Peninsula and the Islands were already with the AVD and its precursor well before the first show standard was ever written.



All dogs that the AVD has used for breeding, including those imported or purchased, were purchased as Presa Canario’s with Presa Canario paperwork. We have never crossed another breed. The AVD only uses Canarios for its Canario breed. It is quite ridiculous when some people are bothered by colours or other, similar nonsense, trying to find fault, mistakes or some kind of ‘conspiracy’ here. For precisely the fact that both within the Canaries and upon the Spanish Peninsula itself there is countless evidence and examples to demonstrate many lines show the influence of modern dog breeds. Whilst most modern lines of the breed date back only 15-20 years, the lineage of the AVD bloodlines is far older and incorporates the best of those dogs imported from the Islands and the Peninsula in many cases as far back as the 1980’s, and in some cases, even further.


In the motherland of the breed there were documented, proven crossbreeds with the following dog breeds:


  • Pero de la Tiera
  • Bardino Majorero
  • Great Dane (Dogo Aleman)
  • English Bulldog
  • Bullmastiff
  • English Staffordshire Bullterrier
  • Mastino Napoletano
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • English Bullterrier
  • American Pitbull (Am. Staff. FCI)
  • Cane Corso
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Hollandse Herder
  • Central Asian & Caucasian Ovcharka’s
  • And almost certainly, a few more

The right question is therefore, not whether the Canario’s from the AVD are pure-bred; but whether the Presa Canario itself can be described as a pure-bred dog. One of the definitions of a pure-bred dog, is consistency of temperament and type over successive generations; something few other lines can legitimately claim over those dogs of the AVD.


The AVD will selectively breed dogs of exceptional quality that have minor faults as relate to modern, contrived breed standards; particularly where such fault is a minor, cosmetic one that is readily able to be addressed. It is a far greater ‘sin’ in the eyes of the AVD to sanction the breeding of two ‘beautiful’ dogs that lack Presa characteristics beyond appearance, for this ‘sin’ is far harder to fix, and a slippery road to ruin as evidenced countless times amongst other pure breed dogs.


Finally, it should once again be clearly reiterated:


  • The AVD has never crossed a dog of another breed into our Canario’s
  • The AVD has never used a dog that has not also been acquired with recognised, Presa Canario Paperwork.


The AVD still actively seeks out the authentic Presa’s, those able to perform their functions from several-hundred years ago. It is all the more probable that these dogs are linked to the historical bloodlines of the conquerors; the higher the degree to which this is true, the greater the potential of true, Presa purity.


Paperwork accepted?

The AVD is a very large, independent organization; though it is also a voluntary member of some Spanish and international associations.

The AVD as an eingetragener Verein (e.V.) is entitled to create court-relevant documents and pedigrees in exactly the same manner as the German Shepherd SV or any other, legally recognised and sanctioned, German Breed Club.

The AVD accepts all documents and pedigrees that are traceable and verifiable. There is no lump-sum recognition of foreign documents; but the AVD does perform checks for each individual case.

In some cases, verified dogs may be accepted by the AVD for registration however, such dogs may be subjected to restrictions in event of there being a desire to breed. Most typically, dogs subject to such restrictions will present some benefits such as historically significant lineage, superior health, type, strong performance, but with some faults that warrant such restrictions. Most typically, such allowances would be made for females which would be subject to restriction of potential studs from amongst those with the most proven working and reproductive characteristics.

Many other dog organizations will usually accept the AVD’s Pedigrees. AVD dogs have been adopted in many other organizations; for example VDH, FCI, UKC, etc.

The acceptance of AVD documents from the official office is given.


What does the AVD expect from breedings?


  • The AVD expects dogs to be able to bind (securely catch in a safe and efficient manner) dangerous wild boars as well as cattle.
  • Dogs that are fully family-friendly, stable and child-resistant (safe).
  • Good guard dogs with a medium threshold.
  • Great protection dogs for people and property
  • Dogs that have enough endurance for hunting as well as for all kinds of dog sports
  • A dog which is not just a commodity of use but a real buddy, a true companion


What are the club rules for breeding and selection that must be fulfilled to obtain breeding permission?


  1. Health tests: HD, ED, Heart, Eyes, Entropion / Ectropion, Teeth/Bite, maturity (breeding is not permitted before 12 months of age)
  2. Ausdauerprüfung or Endurance Test over a distance of 25km within the allotted time, accompanied by a handler running or on bike (called AD-25km)
  3. Character test in friendly and stress situations

4A. Character test: in Protection service situations, including courage tests, or

4B. Character test: Attainment of the S/ as a Hunting and Tracking dog (not just a ‘catch’ dog)

  1. Type / Optic test.


These are the normal tests that your dog will have to pass before being allowed to breed with the Performance Perro de Presa Club (AVD e.V.).


Several AVD dogs have been tested in international wild boar hunts to confirm that the real historical use of the breed is also present in the AVD dogs of today. Some AVD breeding dogs have also been tested in the handling of rough cattle and bulls. It is the AVD’s belief that in so doing, such work should be conducted cleanly, humanely, efficiently and effectively. It is the AVD’s experience and quite notable when compared to many other lines of the Presa Canario breed, that this continuation of historic, hunting and farm working capabilities also leads to the maintenance of a more balanced, self-confident, and stable dog.


What has been achieved by the AVD e.V. so far?


  • The AVD carries the most comprehensive and largest studbook for the Presa (with over 700 registered dogs).
  • Since the end of the nineties, the AVD has started to organize dog sport events, which are today, some of the largest protection events in Europe.
  • The AVD had the first IPO3 Presa worldwide in our Club.
  • In addition to the character examination (ZWP’s), the AVD offers the Begleithundeprüfung (BH), and the Security Service Dog Tests established in the moloss- and modern protection dog- society.
  • The AVD has been providing the best contacts to many hunters and working dog people around the world for already over 20 years.
  • There are nowhere in the world more Presa’s with performance and training certifications than in the AVD e.V.
  • The AVD.e.V. helped to train the UK’s first Presa by both the BIPDT and NASDU associations as a Certified General-Purpose Patrol Dog
  • The AVD.e.V. has produced intelligent, trainable dogs that have been used in some of the largest TV and movie productions of recent years; most famously across multiple series of the HBO fantasy drama, Game of Thrones
  • Due to the good reputation the AVD has obtained, it has also opened up for other working dogs; offering separate sections for other dog breeds so that the others can also join and see their breeds benefit from our high performance standards. The AVD now offers a separate studbook for other breeds and has opened the working tests for all other breeds as well.
  • The AVD does not only select and train dogs, the AVD e.V. also teaches people, teaches dog handlers, teaches dog trainers, certifies official decoys, and has participated in successful community outreach activities, for example providing education and positive interaction with schools.




You want to join the club? You want join our Working Dog Events? You want information on upcoming litters? You want information on AVD dogs for sale? You want information about any AVD kennels and breeders? You want information about all dogs which are approved for breeding and tested by the AVD e.V.  ?

Than feel free to contact us:


AVD e.V. Breeding-Leader & President

Arne Pohlmeyer


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