AVD-England-Event 2015


England report 2015

This is only a quick feedback. (I hope I will find later enough time to give a longer report, maybe also my good English friend Dan B. will write some words too).

avd sati uk england banner

The Event was over 2 days and it was really busy´. We had a lot of Competitions, Training and a huge numbers of ZWPs. I am sure this was the ZWP record of the AVD history (over 15 years). We done a lot of ZWP1 and also ZWP2, the ZWP3 was not possible, because this we do only when we know all the people and we are sure if we can trust everyone for sure.
But we will over a ZWP3 chance this year in Germany.

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Friday we done the ZWPs and some training (only this took a whole day!)
Saturday we done 4 ZWPs more, a Trophy-Competition in Obedience, a Trophy-Competition for “Best Long Send” and a Trophy-Competition for “best Ring Face Attack”.
The Nightrail was separated in 4 classes (“Young Dog”, “Bronce-Class”, “Silver-Class” and first time in England “Gold-Class”). All classes was hard for the dogs, the Nightrail was not build very huge but difficult for the dogs.
The Nightrail started to late, there is nothing else to claim… But so or so, the numbers of starters was so lot that it was normal that the sun will come out at the last starters… Because of the delay was nearly 30 % of the Nightrail in daylight. – We are sorry for that but also without some organizational problems it was not possible to work all the dogs in nighttime (darkness) because there was to much starters and the night is in summertime for so much starters simple to short.


I can say that we are happy (with minor exceptions) with this great Event. The miost dogs was really good, the quality of the working dogs in England goes up, the starters was (99% of them) was fair and serious. Also some dog handlers which was looking to much “ego” (for my taste) in the past was this time much better dog handlers, with more fairness and much better and sober view for their own dogs and also for the dogs of their “competitors”.

This type of competions brings everytime the emotions a litle bit up, we must not forget that we are all at the same site, we are sitining in the same boat, we are standing all together strong for the working dogs – never forget on which site and for what we stand, our “enemies” are not the people who come and participate our Events, the “enemies” are the guys who destroy the working breeds… (but also never forget, especial the owners of bullbreeds must have a serious, respectful and decently acting, this is important for a good reputation of ‘our’ breeds(!)

Soon we will public the results of the competitions and the ZWPs.

The AVD e.V. incl. our british representative AVD-5K-Workingdogs and me personaly have to thank all spectator (from different countries), all starters, all decoys and helpers (inkl. All helping hands and all people who support the organizers) and all the judges And my very special thanks goes to Dan Balderson for his tireless work.
Hear you soon, and hope to see you soon.

Next big Event will be in 14. & 15. of August in Essen (Germany), with individual Training, Competitions, ZWPs and Nightrail.

Best Regards, stay fair and always “Good Grip”
President AVD e.V.