JC review: I have lots of problems with this

Schneider (2000) recognizes that to carry from the effects off his status demands not just the latest statistical equipment, but the new regulatory institu­tions, and you may a newly configured expert–societal relationship. Schneider plus knows the fresh interest to the elitism or even the privileging off knowledge of their previous formulations, but the guy allows this consequences given that expected results of facing as much as the trouble, and then he doesn’t mention it an inserted well worth at the rear of their preparations of uncertainty. [JC emphasis].

It’s value summarizing an element of the lessons and you may recommendations Schneider also provides for coping with a context outlined by the double ethical bind.

Schneider’s section advances an excellent conception regarding personal suspicion, and he steers talk toward tips for bounding and you can kid­aging it (such as for example, Bayesian mathematical study and you may Bayesian updating)