Interactionism may also focus on the slurs used to describe homosexuals

Interactionists are interested in exactly how discussions of homosexuals tend to appeal almost solely to the gender lifestyle of gays and you can lesbians; homosexuals, especially people, are assumed to be hypersexual and you will, in many cases, deviant. Labels such as for instance “queen” and you can “fag” are often used to demean homosexual people by the feminizing them. This then has an effect on just how homosexuals understand on their own. Bear in mind Cooley’s “looking-glass notice,” which implies one thinking increases down seriously to an individual’s translation and you may research of the solutions out-of others (Cooley, 1902). Lingering contact with derogatory brands, jokes, and pervading homophobia manage lead to a terrible thinking-image, otherwise worse, self-hate. The new CDC accounts you to gay youngsters exactly who experience higher amounts of personal rejection is half dozen moments more likely to features high profile out-of anxiety and you can seven moments prone to has experimented with suicide (CDC, 2011).

Queer Theory

Queer idea is actually a viewpoint one to problematizes the way where the audience is taught to think about sexual positioning. Of the getting in touch with the discipline “queer,” these types of scholars was rejecting the effects of labelling; as an alternative, they embrace the expression “queer” and just have reclaimed it due to their individual intentions. Queer theorists refute the brand new dominating gender schema therefore the dichotomization out of intimate orientations with the a few collectively private outcomes, gay otherwise heterosexual. Continue reading Interactionism may also focus on the slurs used to describe homosexuals